Tuesday, September 1, 2009

flashback: march 26, 2003

tossing and turning, fluffing pillows and refluffing , turning off the record player, trying not to think, unplugging the clock. its late monday night and i cant sleep. i usually sleep better on couches anyways, so i gather my blanket and alarm clock and pitter patter down stairs. theres ben in the kitchen cooking pasta, a late night snack...hmm...that sounds pretty good, think ill join him. ben's behavior is surprising, "the shoe is on the other foot now!" he triumphanly declares, drunk, goofy, very much awake. i remembered that time last month when i came home late and crept into his sleepy room, forcing him to listen to me play his guitar and rave on about the events of the evening. now the tables were turned, but his drunken energy was robbing off on me. that pasta we were cookin, we couldnt finish it all, but it sure looked nice stuck to the ceiling. pictures were taken, photographs were taped to back of milk cartons, and a handful of yummy noodles were draped on the door handle. a little textured present for dennis upon his arrival. on the couch in the dark an hour later i heard dennis come home. the turning of the doorknob, the opening of the door, the "what the fuck is this" utterance, a peaceful nights rest.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

despite the heat, this doesn't feel like summer

like you, i am totally missing the beach. and the lake. and new england. and the city too. so maybe, seriously, we can just ditch our jobs and have another vacation together before school comes and invades our lazy yummy days.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

it's just a moose

gardening with ayn rand

doings: heather and i cleared a little plot by the side of the house for a garden. at the farmers market i bought a plethora of tomato starts: soldacki, pruden's purple, brandywine, sungold. a nice variety of colors and flavors, i think. pete told me once that tomatoes don't do well around here but the local farmers at the market always seem to have such  beautiful ones. in fact, pete's were the most beautiful of all. so this makes me think: what the hell was he talking about? any thoughts?
here's another question: where do i find spicy red peppers around Asheville? i need some for my kimchi. i've been using jalapenos and they work fine but i would like to make a straight-up traditional batch and for that i need some spicy reds. but where?

thinkings: so whats the deal with ayn rand? was she like the ann coulter of her day or what? i'm about to start reading atlas shrugged for this scholarship i'm applying for and i'm anticipating really hating it. i really don't know much about ayn rand but i know enough to hate her just a little. is this hatred justified? is she a fascist? or just hyper-capitalist, like laizze-faire style? 

Monday, March 17, 2008

introducing private bird

this first post is dedicated non-ironically to patrick swayze. just one more wave...